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Verner Panton

Verner Panton

One of Denmark's most favored and influential interior, and furniture, designer was Verner Panton. Panton lived a generously adventurous life. Born in the year 1926, Panton's life was anything but ordinary. He was known to have created highly futuristic pieces made out of plastic, and other materials. His pieces are undeniably exquisite and vibrant, as it comes in all sorts of colors! Though his style, would and at times, is categorized as "classic," Panton's pieces kept a steady momentum in the market, as it is still being mass produced to date.

Panton graduated as an Architect at the Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen, back in 1951. After graduating, he practiced his field of architecture at Arne Jacobsen. Jacobsen is also a renowned Danish architect, who designed furniture. Not too long after his entry, Panton swayed his own right, and started designing his own architectural pieces, and opened his very own office.

Panton's ingenious proposals owned him his own fame in the architectural world. Some pieces that gained him his popularity were the Collapsible House, which he birthed in 1955. Another is the Cardboard House that he built in 1960. The Plastic House followed in the same year. Not too long, thereafter, his proposals on chair designs turned a bit more aggressive. These pieces were categorized as "aggressive," in the way that they were no longer conventional, and were definitely out of the ordinary. No one could have imagined chairs without legs, or a back support that twined to custom fit a seater's back to its natural curve, which he named the Stacking Chair. At the end of 1960, Panton's creation of the Stacking Chair, also known as S-chair, became extremely popular for its originality, and deliverance of comfort that it quickly took off in the market, and has been mass produced since.

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