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Konstantin Grcic

Konstantin Grcic

Growing up, Konstantin Grcic already had an instinctive love for art. It was only after he found himself entering the doors of Royal College of Art in London that he found his true match, designing furniture. Grcic interests was quite apparent, even at such a young age. It was in his nature to be curious in building things from scratch. As a boy, he entailed a job in an antique store, restoring furniture. This restoration job turned into a cabinet maker apprenticeship.

Because of Grcic's avid parlay of quality work, the list of his clients are nothing but Class A. His thoughts are expressed in the unique aesthetic beauty and design of his creations. Brands like the Flos, Lamy, Magis, Authentics, and Krups, have followed him for years, and decades.

One particular partnership, one he has with Magis, has led to the birth of the Chair One.

The birth of the Chair One took a lot of heavy tooling. Leave it up to Grcic to divide, and portion, the sections of this chair. This allowed the material to mold in perfectly, thus creating the unique shape of the chair. The creation of the Chair One would also be the first time that Grcic used a 3-D computer to model it perfectly into life.

Unique as such, the Chair One is showcased in almost all premier museums, including the MoMA in New York City, as well as Centre Georges Pompidou, in Paris.

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