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Henrik Thor-Larsen

Henrik Thor-Larsen

Do you remember that egg-looking chair that was infamously fashioned in the Men in Black movie? How could anyone forget? The "Ovalia Egg-Chair" shared the silver screen with Will Smith, and not just that, it also shared some air-time in the hit television show Mark & Mindy. Makes you think, "What a wonderfully odd-looking chair. Who created it, and when?!"

Created in the 1960s, the Ovalia Egg Chair can be fashioned in various colors - 20 to be exact. It is often times made of wool or nylon upholstery. The Ovalia Egg Chair is not exactly the first of its kind, and was actually inspired by Arne Jacobson's egg chair. Nevertheless, the famous Henrik Thor-Larsen created a spin on the egg chair, which resulted to the creation of the wonderfully shaped Ovalia Egg Chair. As the years evolved, and so did chairs, a demand for a slicker, more fashionable and durable seats, came into wind. This is what prompted Thor-Larsen to use plastic, to not just create durability, but gives the Ovalia Egg Chair's glossy finish.

The Ovalia Egg Chair was introduced to the public by Thor-Larsen in 1968. He did this at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair. This created a want for these chairs. The demand was so huge that it required for Thor-Larsen to mass produce the Ovalia Egg Chair for almost a decade.

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