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Hans Wegner

Hans Wegner

At the forefront of the Danish Style of furniture design is Hans Wegner. His impressive focus on quality, along with his collaboration with a handful of manufacturers, has made it possible for the Danish Style design mentality to reach international shores and become a leading style in modern architecture today.

Born to a cobbler in Southern Denmark, the future furniture designers is introduced to the industry at quite an early age. His first experience with designing is actually in serving as an apprentice to cabinetmaker H.F. Stahlberg.

It is at this point of his life that Wegner will develop an affinity for woodwork; one of his most defining characteristics as he embarks on his designing career. After his apprenticeship, and a brief stint in the military, Wegner would move into Copenhagen to start his studies in the Danish School of Arts and Crafts and the Architectural Academy.

Being one of the leading Danish designers, Wegner emulates all the sole quality that is attributed to the style: striving for perfection. For Wegner, the perfect furniture does not and will not exist; he can only reiterate on the existing design until it can provide the maximum level of comfort for the one using it.

Wegner is also an advocate for organic functionality wherein the functionality of furniture is put at a greater emphasis over its other aspects. As of his passing, Wegner has designed at least 500 chairs, of which several of them have become recognizable icons in Danish Design.

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