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Grant Featherston

Grant Featherston

Nowadays, comfortable chairs, that prefixes a contoured shape to match the back of any would-be seater, has become extremely popular. As such, one of the most popular designers for such an ingenious creation is Grant Featherston. Grant Featherston was born in 1922. He is a self-taught Geelong, Victoria native. He started out by creating designs that gave grace, and beauty, to an otherwise ordinary lighting fixture. He also gave aesthetic beauty to his glass panel creations. He accomplished all this before having to serve in the army from 1940 to 1944.

After his faithful service in the army, Featherston returned to Melbourne, Australia. While in Melbourne, Featherston birthed his very first Contour Chairs that were made of plywood shell in 1951. Four years later, in 1956, Featherston Contract Interiors Furniture Showroom opened. A year later, Featherston became Aristoc Industries' consultant for thirteen years. He also partnered with his wife, Mary. Their partnership help establish successful projects, such as the Expo 67 Talking Chair, as well as Uniroyal's Numero.

For everyone's knowledge, Grant Featherston was one of the founding members of the Society of Designers for Industry, which is actually where the Design Institute of Australia stemmed out of.

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