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Emeco Hudson

Emeco Hudson

Without a doubt, the Emeco Hudson Collection is one that has been a dominant piece in the world of designer furniture. The Navy Chair, also known as the Emeco 1006, is made out of aluminum. Emeco, or the Electric Machine and Equipment Company, is based in Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA. This fabulous collection was founded by Witton C. Dinges. He designed the Emeco 1006. Dinges is the one who introduced the restructuring, or redesigning, of what would otherwise be considered as traditional pieces and signatures. Starck uses nothing but quality materials for every piece of furniture produced. Such was its durability, that the Emeco chair was installed in the U.S. Navy ships during the WWII. The humored tale is that the chairs were able to hold its ground during terrifying blasts, caused by torpedoes.

Years pass, and decades later, the Emeco 1006 has been restructured, and redesigned. A new line has been created, one that is made out of aluminum. The genius behind the new take is none other than Philippe Starck.

To make an Emeco 1006 chair takes 77 procedural processes, and often takes two weeks to complete. The unchanged process, entails a 12 step welding, that creates a flawless, and smooth look. The chair comes with a life time guarantee, and carries with it 150 years of life expectancy.

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